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Trochus creniferus A.E. Verrill & S. Smith, 1880

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Mollusca - mollusks »  class Gastropoda - gastropods »  family Trochidae - top-shells »  genus Trochus


Trochus creniferus

Author: Pilsbry - Manual of Conchology Serie 1 Volume 11


This is a form closely related to T. maculatus, T. flammulatus and T. sandwichensis, but more especially to T. incrassatus, and somewhat intermediate between these species in characters. It is strong thick and solid ; the form is conical; the diameter exceeds the altitude; the outlines of the spire are slightly convex, the whorls nearly planulate, generally a little concave in the middle. The sculpture consists of four series of distinct, clearly cut, rounded granules upon each whorl, of which the upper and lower are elongated, like short folds, and apparently formed by the coalescence of the granules of two rows ; upon the last whorl the sculpture sometimes seems to consist of oblique regular rather coarse folds, cut about the median portion by three narrow spiral furrows. There is a trace of the very fine secondary sculpture of minute oblique wrinkles upon many specimens, like that of T. flammulatus, but less strongly developed. The folds crenulate the periphery. The base is slightly convex toward the outer edge, concave in the middle, concentrically six-lirate, the lirae rather coarse, sometimes very superficial, and are regularly beaded. The aperture is brilliantly nacreous within ; the outer lip is lirate within ; the parietal wall is lirate, and colored like the base except for a slight deposit of whitish callus ; the basal margin is thick, nearly straight, nearly smooth, or slightly dentate; the columella is oblique, pearly, quadridentate; the umbilical area is funnel-shaped, lined with a heavy white, porcellanous coat, which does not extend within the aperture, nor to the edge of the columella ; it is obviously bilirate, one rib revolving at the lower edge and terminating in a denticle at the angle where the columella joins the base, the other sometimes bifid, a little within the cavity, not attaining the columella edge. There is no notch at the junction of the columella and basal lip. The outer lip is slightly crenulated by the ribs on the outside. The ground-color is whitish or greenish; the purplish red radiating flammules of the upper surface may be either parallel with, and occupying the interstices of the ribs, or obliquely crossing them; sometimes the whole surface of the upper whorls is suffused with purplish red or with sea green (a color which underlies the red all over) ; the base is radiately marked with dark red, which forms continuous stripes, or is interrupted into small blocks which articulate the lirae. Toward the aperture there is a green or bluish tract. Alt 32, diam. 39 mill.;
Source: Tryon & Pilsbry, Manual of Conchology, Serie 1, Volume 11.
Author: Jan Delsing

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Trochus flammulatus Lamarck, 1822
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