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Sylvicola Harris, 1776

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Arthropoda - arthropods »  class Insecta - insects »  order Diptera - true flies, mosquitoes and gnats »  family Anisopodidae - wood gnats

Scientific synonyms

Asarcomyia Scudder, 1890
Bria Giebel, 1856
Tonnoirina Amorim & Tozoni, 1994 non Edwards, 1929
Rhiphus Bigot, 1854 (misspelling) m
Silvicola Brues, Melander & Carpenter, 1954 (unjustified emendation) uem

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Included taxa

Number of records: 9

subgenus Anisopus Meigen, 1803
subgenus Sylvicola Harris, 1776
species Sylvicola alternatus (Say, 1823)
species Sylvicola baechlii Haenni, 1997
species Sylvicola fuscatoides Michelsen, 1999
species Sylvicola marginatus (Say, 1823)
species Sylvicola notialis Stone, 1965
species Sylvicola oceanus (Frey, 1949)
species Sylvicola stackelbergi Krivosheina & Menzel, 1998

Links and literature

EN Jedlička L., Kúdela M., Stloukalová V.: Checklist of Diptera of the Czech Republic and Slovakia [] [as Sylvicola Harris, 1776]
Data retrieved on: 11 January 2015

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m misspelling

uem unjustified emendation - proposed alternative spelling of scientific name when not justified by international code of nomenclature.