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Helius Lepeletier & Serville, 1828

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Arthropoda - arthropods »  class Insecta - insects »  order Diptera - true flies, mosquitoes and gnats »  family Limoniidae - Limoniid crane flies »  subfamily Limoniinae

Scientific synonyms

Leptorhina Stephens, 1829
Megarhina Lepeletier & Serville, 1828
Rhamphidia Meigen, 1830

Included taxa

Number of records: 33

subgenus Eurhamphidia Alexander, 1915
subgenus Helius Lepeletier & Serville, 1828
subgenus Idiohelius Alexander, 1948
subgenus Mammuthonasus Theischinger, 1994
subgenus Prohelius Alexander, 1975
subgenus Rhamphidina Alexander, 1920
subgenus Rhamphidioides Alexander, 1920
subgenus Rhampholimnobia Alexander, 1915
subgenus Rhyncholimonia Alexander, 1964

Fossil taxa

species Helius alavensis Kania, Krzemiński & Arillo, 2016
species Helius botswanensis Rayner & Waters, 1990
species Helius collemus Podenas & Poinar, 2012
species Helius constenius Krzemiński, 1991
species Helius ewa Krzemiński, Kania & Azar, 2014
species Helius formosus Krzemiński, 1993
species Helius fossilis Kania, 2014
species Helius gedanicus Kania, 2014
species Helius hoffeinsorum Kania, 2014
species Helius krzeminskii Ribeiro, 2002
species Helius lebanensis Kania, Krzemiński & Azar, 2013
species Helius linus Podenas, 2002
species Helius minutus (Loew, 1850)
species Helius miocenicus Krzemiński, 2002
species Helius mutus Podenas, 2002
species Helius neali Kopeć, Kania & Krzemiński, 2016
species Helius oosterbroeki Kopeć, Kania & Krzemiński, 2016
species Helius pulcher (Loew, 1850)
species Helius qinghai Wu et al., 2014
species Helius similis Kania, 2014
species Helius stavropolensis Krzemiński, 2002
species Helius tenerus Statz, 1944
species Helius verticillis Krzemiński, 2002
species Helius weigandi Statz, 1944

Links and literature

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Data retrieved on: 30 November 2019
EN Jedlička L., Kúdela M., Stloukalová V.: Checklist of Diptera of the Czech Republic and Slovakia [] [as Helius Lepeletier & Serville, 1828]
Data retrieved on: 11 January 2015

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