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kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Chordata - chordates »  class Aves - birds »  order Psittaciformes - parrots »  family Psittacidae - parrots


Amazona viridigenalis - Red-crowned Parrot

Amazona viridigenalis - Red-crowned Parrot

Author: Michal Sloviak

Amazona aestiva - Blue-fronted Parrot

Amazona aestiva - Blue-fronted Parrot

Author: Milan Kořínek

Ara ararauna - Blue-and-yellow Macaw

Ara ararauna - Blue-and-yellow Macaw

Author: Ivan Mikšík

Included taxa

Number of records: 12

tribus Arini

Unplaced taxa

genus Bolborhynchus Bonaparte, 1857 inc.sed.
genus Brotogeris Vigors, 1825 inc.sed.
genus Deroptyus Wagler, 1832 inc.sed.
genus Forpus Boie, 1858 inc.sed.
genus Hapalopsittaca Ridgway, 1912 inc.sed.
genus Myiopsitta Bonaparte, 1854 - Monk Parakeets inc.sed.
genus Nannopsittaca Ridgway, 1912 inc.sed.
genus Pionites Heine, 1890 - Caiques inc.sed.
genus Psilopsiagon Ridgway, 1912 inc.sed.
genus Touit Gray, 1855 inc.sed.

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inc.sed. incertae sedis - uncertain placement within this taxon