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kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Chordata - chordates »  class Actinopterygii - ray-finned fishes »  order Perciformes - perch-likes »  suborder Percoidei

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Included taxa

Number of records: 77

family Acropomatidae - lanternbellies
family Ambassidae
family Apogonidae - cardinalfishes
family Arripidae - Australian salmons
family Badidae
family Banjosidae
family Bathyclupeidae - bathyclupeids
family Bramidae - pomfrets
family Caesionidae - Fusiliers
family Carangidae - jacks, amberjacks, pompanos
family Caristiidae - veilfins or manefishes
family Centrarchidae - sunfishes and freshwater basses
family Centrogenyidae Fowler, 1907
family Chaetodontidae - butterflyfishes
family Coryphaenidae - dolphins or dolphinfishes
family Datnioididae
family Dichistiidae - galjoens
family Dinolestidae
family Dinopercidae - cave basses
family Drepaneidae
family Echeneidae - remoras and sharksuckers
family Emmelichthyidae - rovers
family Enoplosidae - oldwives
family Epigonidae
family Gerreidae - mojarras
family Grammatidae - basslets
family Haemulidae - grunts
family Howellidae Fowler, 1936
family Inermiidae - bonnetmouths
family Kuhliidae - flagtails or aholeholes
family Kyphosidae - sea chubs
family Lactariidae - false trevallies
family Latidae
family Leiognathidae - ponyfishes or slipmouths
family Leptobramidae - beachsalmon
family Lethrinidae - emperors
family Lobotidae - tripletails
family Lutjanidae - Snappers
family Malacanthidae - tilefishes
family Menidae - moonfishes
family Monodactylidae - moonies
family Moronidae
family Mullidae - goatfishes
family Nandidae - leaffishes
family Nematistiidae - roosterfishes
family Nemipteridae - threadfin breams and spinycheeks
family Opistognathidae - jawfishes
family Oplegnathidae - knifejaws
family Parascorpididae - jutjaws
family Pempheridae - sweepers
family Pentacerotidae - armorheads
family Percichthyidae - temperate basses
family Percidae - perches and darters

Percidae - perches and darters

family Perciliidae
family Plesiopidae - roundheads
family Polynemidae - threadfins
family Polyprionidae - wreckfishes
family Pomacanthidae - angelfishes
family Pomatomidae - bluefishes
family Priacanthidae - bigeyes
family Pseudochromidae - dottybacks
family Rachycentridae - cobias
family Sciaenidae - croakers and drums
family Scombropidae
family Serranidae - sea basses and groupers
family Sillaginidae - sillagos
family Sparidae - porgys and seabreams
family Terapontidae - grunters or tigerfishes
family Toxotidae - archerfishes

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