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Tetropium Kirby, 1837

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Arthropoda - arthropods »  class Insecta - insects »  order Coleoptera - beetles »  family Cerambycidae - longhorn beetles »  tribus Asemini

Scientific synonyms

Criomorphus Mulsant, 1839 nec Curtis, 1829
Isarthrum Agassiz, 1844 (unjustified emendation) uem
Isarthron Dejean, 1835 (suppressed name) supp

Included taxa

Number of records: 26

species Tetropium abietis Fall, 1912
species Tetropium aquilonium Plavilstshikov, 1940
species Tetropium auripilis Bates, 1885
species Tetropium beckeri Franz, 1955
species Tetropium castaneum (Linnaeus, 1758)

Tetropium castaneum - 000010000111

species Tetropium cinnamopterum (Kirby, 1837) - Eastern Larch Borer

Tetropium cinnamopterum - 000000000111

species Tetropium confragosum Holzschuh, 1981
species Tetropium danilevskyi Sláma, 2005
species Tetropium fuscum (Fabricius, 1787) - Brown Spruce Longhorn Beetle

Tetropium fuscum - 000010000111

species Tetropium gabrieli Weise, 1905

Tetropium gabrieli - 000010000111

species Tetropium gracilicorne Reitter, 1889
species Tetropium gracilicum Hayashi, 1983
species Tetropium guatemalanum Bates, 1892
species Tetropium morishimaorum Kusama & Takakuwa, 1984
species Tetropium opacipenne Bates, 1885
species Tetropium opacum Franz, 1955
species Tetropium oreinum Gahan, 1906

Tetropium oreinum - 000010000111

species Tetropium parallelum Casey, 1891
species Tetropium pilosicorne Linsley, 1935
species Tetropium scabriculum Holzschuh, 1993
species Tetropium schwarzianum Casey, 1891
species Tetropium schwerdtfegeri Franz, 1955
species Tetropium staudingeri Pic, 1901
species Tetropium tauricum Shapovalov, 2007
species Tetropium velutinum LeConte, 1869

Tetropium incertae sedis

species Callidium triste Fabricius, 1787

Callidium triste - 000000000001000

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uem unjustified emendation - proposed alternative spelling of scientific name when not justified by international code of nomenclature.

supp suppressed name - name suppressed by commission for international code of nomenclature for example in case it is a long forgotten senior synonym of some widely used name and therefore should have priority over junior synonym.