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Palestine Coelacanth
Macropomoides palaestina Khalaf, 2013

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Chordata - chordates »  class Sarcopterygii »  order Coelacanthiformes - coelacanth »  family Latimeriidae - coelacanths »  genus Macropomoides

Other names

= Al-Naqab Coelacanth
= Negev Coelacanth

Temporal range:Lower Miocene
The Palestine coelacanth fossil species († Macropomoides palaestina Khalaf, 2013) from the Early Miocene of the genus Macropomoides (Class Sarcopterygii, Subclass Crossopterygii, Order Coelacanthiformes, Suborder Latimerioidei, Family Latimeriidae) was found at the Anthracothere Hill in Al-Naqab (Negev), Palestine. It belongs to the Family Latimeriidae and therefore closely related to the living coelacanth Latimeria.

The new fossil species is distinguished from the Lebanese coelacanth fossil species Macropomoides orientalis Woodward, 1942 by its slightly different skeletal, skull and fin features. It is morphologically a distinct species. † Macropomoides palaestina Khalaf, 2013 was named by the Palestinian-German Zoologist Prof. Dr. Norman Ali Khalaf-von Jaffa.

Links and literature

Khalaf-Sakerfalke von Jaffa, Prof. Dr. Sc. Norman Ali Bassam Ali Taher (2013). † Macropomoides palaestina Khalaf, 2013 : A New Coelacanth Fish Fossil Species from the Anthracothere Hill in Al-Naqab, Palestine. Gazelle: The Palestinian Biological Bulletin. ISSN 0178 – 6288. Number 107, November 2013, Muharram 1435 AH. pp. 30-38. Dubai and Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. [as Macropomoides palaestina]

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