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Parodia Speg.

kingdom Plantae - plants »  divisio Magnoliophyta - flowering plants »  class Rosopsida - eudicots »  order Caryophyllales »  family Cactaceae »  tribus Notocacteae

Scientific synonyms

Brasilicactus Backeberg
Brasiliparodia F. Ritter
Echinocactus subg. Notocactus K. Schumann
Eriocactus Backeberg
Malacocarpus Salm-Dyck
Wigginsia D.M. Porter

Other names

= notocactus


Included taxa

Number of records: 30

subgenus Brasilicactus (Backeberg) Buxbaum in Krainz
subgenus Eriocactus (Backeberg) Buxbaum
subgenus Malacocarpus (Salm-Dyck, 1850) Buxbaum in Krainz, 1967
subgenus Neonotocactus Backeberg 1950 emend. Buxbaum, 1967
subgenus Notobrasilia Havlíček
subgenus Notocactus (K. Schumann) Frič

Unplaced taxa

species Parodia aureicentra Backeberg

Parodia aureicentra

species Parodia ayopayana Cárdenas
species Parodia chrysacanthion (K. Sch.) Backeb.

Parodia chrysacanthion

species Parodia columnaris Cárdenas
species Parodia comarapana Cárdenas

Parodia comarapana

species Parodia commutans F. Ritter
species Parodia formosa F. Ritter

Parodia formosa

species Parodia gaucha M. Machado & Larocca
species Parodia hausteiniana Rausch

Parodia hausteiniana

species Parodia maassii (Heese) A. Berger

Parodia maassii

species Parodia microsperma (F.A.C. Weber) Spegazzini

Parodia microsperma

species Parodia nivosa Backeberg

Parodia nivosa

species Parodia ocampoi Cárdenas

Parodia ocampoi

species Parodia penicillata Fechser & Steeg

Parodia penicillata

species Parodia procera F. Ritter

Parodia procera

species Parodia ritteri Buining
species Parodia saint-pieana Backeb.

Parodia saint-pieana

species Parodia schwebsiana (Werdermann) Backeberg

Parodia schwebsiana

species Parodia stuemeri (Werdermann) Backeberg

Parodia stuemeri

species Parodia subterranea Ritter

Parodia subterranea

species Parodia taratensis Cárd.
species Parodia tilcarensis (Werdermann & Backeberg) Backeberg
species Parodia tuberculata Cárdenas

Parodia tuberculata

species Parodia turecekiana R. Kiesling

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