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Hemiptera - bugs

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Article Martin J. H., Mound L. A. (2007): An annotated check list of the world’s whiteflies (Insecta: Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) Zootaxa 1492, Magnolia Press, ISBN 978-1-86977-112-6 (Online edition) EN
Article Maldonado Capriles J. (1990): Catalogue of the Reduviidae of the World Caribbean Journal of Science, University of Puerto Rico EN
Site iconWWW Livermore L.J.R., Lemaître V.A., Dolling W.R. & Webb M.D.: Coreoidea Species File Online EN
Book Javorek V. (1978): Kapesní atlas ploštic a křísů SPN Praha

Records 1 to 20 of 36  
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