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Formicidae - ants

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Article Magdi S. El-Hawagry, Mohammed W. Khalil, Mostafa R. Sharaf, Hassan H. Fadl, Abdulrahman S. Aldawood (2013): A preliminary study on the insect fauna of Al-Baha Province, Saudi Arabia, with descriptions of two new species Zookeys. 2013; (274): 1–88 EN
WWW Shattuck, S and Barnett, N (2005-2009): Ants in Australia CSIRO Australia
Article Takeru Naka and Munetoshi Maruyama (2018): Aphaenogaster gamagumayaa sp.nov.: The First Troglobiotic Ant from Japan (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Myrmicinae) Zootaxa. 4450(1): 135–141 EN
Article Laciny, A., Zettel, H., Kopchinskiy, A., Pretzer, C., Pal, A., Salim, K.A., Rahimi, M.J., Hoenigsberger, M., Lim, L., Jaitrong, W., Druzhinina, I.S (2018): Colobopsis explodens sp. n., model species for studies on “exploding ants” (Hymenoptera, Formicidae), with biological notes and first illustrations of males of the Colobopsis cylindrica group ZooKeys 751: 1-40 EN

Records 1 to 18 of 18  


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