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Site iconWWW Guiry, M.D. & Guiry, G.M. (2010): AlgaeBase World-wide electronic publication, National University of Ireland, Galway. EN
Article Komárek J. & Komárková-Legnerová J. (2002): Contribution to the knowledge of planktic cyanoprokaryotes from central Mexico Preslia 74(3): 207–233, 2002. EN
Article Chavanich S., Harris L.G., Je J-G & Kang R-S (2006): Distribution pattern of the green alga Codium fragile (Suringar) Hariot, 1889 in its native range, Korea Aquatic invasions, Volume 1, Issue 3: 99-108 EN
Article Řezáčová M., Neustupa J. & Šejnohová L. (2004): Five species of Mallomonas (Synurophyceae) new to the algal flora of the Czech Republic Preslia 76(2): 175–181, 2004. EN
Book Joosten A.M.T. (2006): Flora of the blue-green algae of the Netherlands. The non-filamentous species of inland waters KNNV Publishing, 240p., ISBN: 978-90-5011-242-0 EN
Article Mads S. Thomsen, Peter A. Staehr, Cecilia D. Nyberg, Steen Schwærter, Dorte Krause-Jensen and Brian R. Silliman (2007): Gracilaria vermiculophylla (Ohmi) Papenfuss, 1967 (Rhodophyta, Gracilariaceae) in northern Europe, with emphasis on Danish conditions, and what to expect in the future Aquatic invasions, Volume 2, Issue 2: 83-94 EN
WWW Laboratory of Phytoplankton Ecology Hydrobiologický ústav Akademie věd České republiky CZ EN
Article Schlagintweit F., Hladil J., Nose M. & Salerno C. (2013): Palaeozoic record of Thaumatoporella PIA, 1927 (incertae sedis)? Geologia Croatica 66/3 EN

Records 1 to 20 of 23  
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