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Lichenes - lichens

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Article Liška J., Palice Z. & Slavíková Š. (2008): Checklist and Red List of lichens of the Czech Republic Preslia 80(2): 151–182, 2008. EN
Electronic document Kocourková J. (2007): Lichenicolous fungi of the Czech Republic Národní Muzeum EN
Article Vondrák J., Kocourková J., Palice Z. & Liška J. (2007): New and noteworthy lichens in the Czech Republic – genus Caloplaca Preslia 79(2): 163–184, 2007. EN
Article Boom, P. P. G. van den, Elix, J. A. & Sipman, H. J. M. (2007): New or interesting lichen records from Guatemala I Willdenowia 37(1),pages 363-376 EN

Records 1 to 9 of 9  


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