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Arthropoda - arthropods

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Article Rak Š. (2009): The occurrence of non-trilobite arthropods from the quartzites of Letná Formation from the vicinity of Beroun Geologie, paleontologie, speleologie - Český kras XXXV CZ
Article Rak Š., Bergström J., Fatka O., Budil P. (2009): The Upper Ordovician arthropod Zonozoe drabowiensis Barrande (Libeň and Letná formations, Sandbian, Barrandian area, Czech Republic) Bulletin of Geosciences 84(1), 185–188 EN
Article Van Roy P., Rak Š., Budil P. & Fatka O. (2021): Upper Ordovician Thylacocephala (Euarthropoda, Eucrustacea) from Bohemia indicate early ecological differentiation Papers in Palaeontology EN

Records 21 to 28 of 28  
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