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2020-02-19 10:02:52Ondřej ZichaAn aglaspidid arthropod from the Upper Ordovician of Morocco with remarks on the affinities and limitations of Aglaspidida
2020-02-19 09:48:43Ondřej ZichaNon-trilobite arthropods from the Ordovician of Morocco
2020-02-18 13:00:44Jirka SchmidtThe true identity of Obama (Platyhelminthes: Geoplanidae) flatworm spreading across Europe
2020-02-18 13:00:36Jirka SchmidtNon-destructive imaging to describe a new species of Obama land planarian (Platyhelminthes, Tricladida)
2020-02-18 12:57:52Jirka SchmidtTwo new Geoplaninae species (Platyhelminthes: Continenticola) from Southern Brazil based on an integrative taxonomic approach
2020-02-18 12:57:30Jirka SchmidtTwo new species of land planarians (Platyhelminthes, Tricladida, Geoplanidae) from protected areas in the southern extreme of the Paranaense Rainforest, Argentina
2020-02-18 12:57:15Jirka SchmidtA new species of terrestrial planarian (Platyhelminthes: Tricladida: Terricola) from South Brazil
2020-02-18 12:55:36Jirka SchmidtThree new species of land flatworms and comments on a complex of species in the genus Geoplana Stimpson (Platyhelminthes: Continenticola)
2020-02-18 12:55:13Jirka SchmidtIntegrative approach reveals two new species of Obama (Platyhelminthes: Tricladida) from the South-Brazilian Atlantic Forest
2020-02-18 12:54:40Jirka SchmidtFocus on the details: morphological evidence supports new cryptic land flatworm (Platyhelminthes) species revealed with molecules
2020-02-18 08:27:21Ondřej ZichaThe oldest cinctan carpoid (stem-group Echinodermata), and the evolution of the water vascular system
2020-02-10 09:18:24Ondřej ZichaMorphology and phylogenetic interpretation of a new Cambrian edrioasteroid (Echinodermata) from Spain
2020-02-08 09:06:48Ondřej ZichaThe oldest isorophid edrioasteroid (Echinodermata) and the evolution of attachment strategies in Cambrian edrioasteroids
2020-02-02 08:48:57Ondřej ZichaTentaculiten : Ontogenese, Systematik, Phylogenese, Biostratonomie und Morphologie
2020-01-31 08:49:51Ondřej ZichaPelmatozoan echinoderms from the Cambrian–Ordovician transition of the Iberian Chains (NE Spain): early diversification of anchoring strategies
http://Swiss J. Geosci. 102 (2009) 43–55
2020-01-29 13:11:34Lenka FerrováDacryoconarides du genre Nowakia dans le Praguien du bassin de Prague (Devonian inferieur, République Tcheque)
2020-01-29 11:40:56Lenka FerrováNowakia pragensis sp.n., a new dacryoconarid tentaculites from the Lower Pragian (Barrandian area).
2020-01-28 08:30:54Ondřej ZichaNew rhenopyrgid edrioasteroids (Echinodermata) and their implications for taxonomy, functional morphology, and paleoecology
2020-01-28 08:11:18Ondřej ZichaMorphology and ontogeny of the Cambrian edrioasteroid echinoderm Cambraster cannati from western Gondwana
2020-01-25 17:28:55Ondřej ZichaTaxonomy and evolution of the protomonaxonid sponge family Piraniidae
2020-01-22 18:28:17Ondřej ZichaPlant Fossil Names Registry (PFNR)
2020-01-22 15:28:28Ondřej ZichaHigh-resolution tentaculite biostratigraphy and facies development across the Early Devonian Daleje Event in the Barrandian (Bohemia): implications for global Emsian stratigraphy
2020-01-22 15:28:11Ondřej ZichaThüringische Tentaculiten
2020-01-22 09:27:39Jirka SchmidtAn Integrated Approach to Delimit Species in the Puzzling Atractus emmeli Complex (Serpentes: Dipsadidae)
2020-01-22 09:26:57Jirka SchmidtSystematic review of Atractus schach (Serpentes: Dipsadidae) species complex from the Guiana Shield with description of three new species
2020-01-21 17:46:54Jirka SchmidtA new skink of the genus Subdoluseps (Hardwicke & Gray, 1828) from Peninsular Malaysia
2020-01-21 09:14:26Jirka SchmidtA new species of Fejervarya (Anura: Dicroglossidae) from Mawphlang, northeastern India
2020-01-21 09:13:47Jirka SchmidtTwo new species of cricket frogs of the genus Fejervarya Bolkay, 1915 (Anura: Dicroglossidae) from the Peninsular India
2020-01-21 09:13:05Jirka SchmidtNew species of Fejervarya limnocharis (Amphibia: Anura: Dicroglossidae) complex from conservation area, Jhilmil Jheel, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India
2020-01-21 09:11:15Jirka SchmidtSystematic status of Fejervarya ((Amphibia, Anura, Dicroglossidae) from South and SE Asia with the description of a new species from the Western Ghats of Peninsular India
2020-01-21 09:10:18Jirka SchmidtA new species of Fejervarya Bolkay, 1915 from the lateritic plateaus of the Goa parts of the Western Ghats
2020-01-21 09:09:05Jirka SchmidtA new frog (Anura, Dicroglossidae), related to Occidozyga semipalmata Smith, 1927, from the eastern peninsula of Sulawesi, Indonesia
2020-01-21 09:08:54Jirka SchmidtA New Species of Euphlyctis (Anura: Dicroglossidae) from Barisal, Bangladesh
2020-01-21 09:08:46Jirka SchmidtA new species of Euphlyctis (Amphibia, Anura, Dicroglossidae)from the West Coastal Plains of India
2020-01-21 09:08:37Jirka SchmidtA new species of the Fejervarya limnocharis complex from Japan (Anura, Dicroglossidae)
2020-01-21 09:08:30Jirka SchmidtA new species of genus Hoplobatrachus (Anura, Dicroglossidae) from the coastal belt of Bangladesh
2020-01-21 09:08:09Jirka SchmidtA new species of frog (Anura: Dicroglossidae) discovered from the mega city of Dhaka
2020-01-21 09:07:11Jirka SchmidtA new species of genus Fejervarya (Anura: Dicroglossidae) from northern Thailand
2020-01-21 09:06:47Jirka SchmidtA new species of Fejervarya (Anura: Dicroglossidae) from Bangladesh
2020-01-21 09:06:05Jirka SchmidtUna especie nueva de rana venenosa de altura del género Excidobates (Dendrobatoidea: Dendrobatidae) de la Cordillera del Cóndor
2020-01-21 09:03:09Jirka SchmidtDiscovery of the frog genus Anomaloglossus in Panama, with descriptions of two new species from the Chagres Highlands (Dendrobatoidea: Aromobatidae)
2020-01-21 09:02:03Jirka SchmidtSystematics of the Hyloxalus bocagei complex (Anura: Dendrobatidae), description of two new cryptic species, and recognition of H. maculosus
2020-01-21 09:01:52Jirka SchmidtA new species of Hyloxalus Jiménez De La Espada, 1871 ‘‘1870’’ (Anura: Dendrobatidae: Hyloxalinae) from a cloud forest near Bogotá, Colombia, with comments on the subpunctatus clade
2020-01-21 09:01:49Jirka SchmidtA taxonomic revision of the Neotropical poison frog genus Ranitomeya (Amphibia: Dendrobatidae)
2020-01-21 09:00:41Jirka SchmidtMultivariate species boundaries and conservation of harlequin poison frogs
2020-01-21 08:58:49Jirka SchmidtReview of the frog genus Silverstoneia, with descriptions of five new species from the Colombian Chocó (Dendrobatidae: Colostethinae)
2020-01-21 08:58:30Jirka SchmidtA new species of Leucostethus (Anura: Dendrobatidae) from the eastern versant of the Central Cordillera of Colombia and the phylogenetic status of Colostethus fraterdanieli
2020-01-21 08:58:03Jirka SchmidtA new poison frog of the genus Epipedobates (Dendrobatoidea: Dendrobatidae) from the north-western Andes of Ecuador
2020-01-21 08:57:06Jirka SchmidtA new North African subspecies of Common Chaffinch Fringilla coelebs
2020-01-21 08:56:45Jirka SchmidtFormal Description of a New Subspecies of the European Robin from Gran Canaria Island, Spain (Aves: Muscicapidae: Erithacus rubecula marionae subsp. nov.)
Records 1 to 50 of 224  
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