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My life is, has always been, and will always be about animals. From my earliest memory I have known my life would be about working with animals in meaningful ways. Animals, I am especially interested in Mammals, most especially species and subspecies in the orders Artiodactyla, Perrisodactyla, Rodentia, Lagomorpha and extinct orders such as Litopterna and Notoungulata. My personal life goal is to build a world-respected animal facility that is arranged taxonomically with the focus on species and subspecies that are rare in captivity or that people didnt know existed, All of my knowledge about animals is self-taught, through years and years of interest and pro-active and continuous self-study in the field of zoology. My personal library consists of over 1000 animal books, encyclopedias, textbooks, reference books, journals, magazines and field guides (including 3 sets of both volumes of Walker’s Field Guide to Mammals, the 3-Volume World’s Zoos, 5 volumes of the Grzimek’s Mammal encyclopedias, 13 Volumes of Grzimeks Animal Life Encyclopedias and 3 of the thus far published Handbooks to Mammals of the World as well as many out-of –print books). My sources of knowledge come from my books, the Internet, documentaries, museums, conversations with animal experts and enthusiasts, and personal visits to over 40 individual wildlife parks, zoos and aquariums.

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