Robert Flogaus-Faust

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I am not a biologist, but I believe that I got quite a lot of experience with wildflowers from central Europe because looking for wildflowers and checking their names in books has been one of my hobbies for decades (actually from the time I was a very young boy). I also like taking photographs of wildflowers which I used to publish on my web site, which was erased on May 10, 2018. Some archives of the old site are still available, though. Occasionally I take some photos of plants which I cannot use on my web site even though they look good or I take photos of some other organisms (animals, mushrooms) which I do not usually know. Lots of thanks to Sabine Rennwald and to all the experts in her nature forum ( who named many of the organisms (especially animals and fungi) which I posted on this site. Some of my arthropod images were determined in an entomology forum ( Thanks for the help!
Some (but not all) of my photographs can also be found elsewhere, but in some cases with a different resolution (which is usually as high as possible), including a few of the original photographs.
I am German and I cannot understand any Czech texts unless I can look up the meaning using an automated translator or in some special cases (e.g. locations where photographs were taken). I know some French as well but I prefer English or German if you wish to contact me.


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