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BioLib offers many ways to get involved in expanding and updating its content. Some features such as comments or identifying photos can be used without need of creating and user account, but registration will increase the credibility of data that you are adding. Unlike other systems such as Wikipedia users are not directly changing content of BioLib but the added data is added as "unconfirmed" and our administrators review it first before accepting it among verified data.

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If you specialize on any group of organisms and would like to help improve BioLib with your experience, please contact us at the address biolib(at) or ondrej.zicha(at) We are looking for taxonomic system administrators and gallery managers and we are looking for reliable materials to expand, check and update BioLib content. We can perform bulk image uploads, compare listings of valid taxa with taxa in BioLib automatically, import scientific synonyms, vernacular names or checklist data etc. including source citations.

Support us financially

Nonprofit organization BioLib, z. s. was founded in the spring of 2012 and its main activity is biology education by means of online encyclopedia. We are looking for sponsors and donors who would allow us to financially support the operation and further improvement of services provided by this site, for which we currently pay from our own money.

Financial contributions can be sent to the Czech bank account of our organization or by Donation button using PayPal account or credit card via secure PayPal gateway.