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Determination: Giraffa tippelskirchi tippelskirchi Matschie, 1898

Image author: Alex Auer

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UserAccuracy opinionTaxon
Expert Petr HrabinaDeterminationGiraffa tippelskirchi tippelskirchi Matschie, 1898
Alex Auer-Giraffa tippelskirchi Matschie, 1898

Determination history

UserOperationDateTaxonDetermination author
Ondřej ZichaSaved2008-04-26 22:41:00Giraffa camelopardalis tippelskirchiAlex Auer
Petr HrabinaTaxon change2016-09-17 17:55:11Giraffa tippelskirchi
Original name: Giraffa camelopardalis tippelskirchi
Petr HrabinaChanged2020-10-21 15:12:22Giraffa tippelskirchi tippelskirchiPetr Hrabina

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