Crassispira discors Sowerby, 1834

Image author: Tryon & Pilsbry, Manual of Conchologie S1, Vol 6

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Jan Delsing   [2020-02-04 11:03:46]
Hello Richard,
I looked at other pictures, including these of Femorale, on the internet. This is an old drawing from Tryon. I can see enough likeness between this drawing and the photographs on the internet.
So I think Tryon was really referring to Crassispira discors. I added the picture of Myra Keen, from her important book 'Sea Shells of Tropical West America. Marine Mollusks from Lower California to Colombia' which is maybe more like the femorale pictures.
Thanks for reacting.
Richard McClincy   [2020-01-25 16:52:02]
This image is not even close to C. discors.
See for a photo image.
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