Belemnitida - belemnites

Belemnitida Gray, 1849 - belemnites

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Author: Karla Otta  [Other photographs by this author]

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West Runton is very rich in Belemnite fossils. They get washed out of Runton's marl seabed by the action of waves and are scattered amongst the rocks on the shore. Some can be found still cemented in the rock where they awaited discovery for million years.

West Runton is also known world wide for the discovery of fossilised bones of wooly mammoth(Mammuthus trogontherii)that was found in the local cliff in 1990. The West Runton elephant, as it is known, is now exhibited by the Norwich Castle Museum.
Author: Karla Otta

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United Kingdom, Lokalita: West Runton, severní Norfolk

18 May 2008

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