Martes flavigula chrysospila - Formosan Yellow-throated Marten

cf. Martes flavigula chrysospila Swinhoe, 1866 - Formosan Yellow-throated Marten

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Author: Chong rongfong  [Other photographs by this author]

Determination author: Chong rongfong [Determination history and verification]

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A Formosan Yellow-Throated Marten jumped to the tree when I hided in a tent for wildlife- documental film. Another one Marten in grass in the same time.

Determination note

Morphology & the unique Marten species in Taiwan.

Origin of image

Taiwan, Yu-shan National Park(Taiwan)

20 January 2007

Technical note

Nikon FMII , 600mm Lens,Negative Film

Author rights ?

   CC-BY-NC Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial License 3.0 [Information]

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I took the wild-animal’photo in Yu-shan National Park(Taiwan)by myself. I have author rights completely.

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