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Pavlína Kohoutová (Pavlinka31(at)  [2016-11-21 14:00:43] Message was replied
Dobry den,

pri hledani informaci o krasci, ktereho jsem u nas nafotila, jsem narazila na vase stranky.
Bydlim ve Frenstate pod Radhostem, male mesto v blizkosti Beskyd,bohuzel nemam jak pripojit fotku, ale melo by jit o krasce lipoveho, ktery sem potuluje po zahrade, ikdyz tady v okoli jsou jen jehlicnate stromky.

Dekuji za odpoved.

Varsha Naidu (vnaidu(at)  [2013-08-23 13:02:14]
I would like to know the policy of the use of the pictures for example as a fish label in an aquarium. Thank you
Jiří Novák   [2010-12-08 11:57:44]
Georg H. Engelhard [ 06.12.2010 10:35:45 ]: We are sorry for misspelling. The source of this problem is on Fauna Europaea server, where is Engelhardt, instead of Engelhard. On biolib it was corrected, I will also contact the autors of Fauna Europaea.
Georg H. Engelhard (georg.engelhard(at)  [2010-12-06 10:35:45] Message was resolved
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing to you with regards to a small land snail of the island Crete, Albinaria idaea amabilis, which my colleague Ferry Slik and I discovered in 1992 and described in 1994. I'd kindly like to ask if you can correct the spelling of my name in the taxon description: this should be Albinaria idaea amabilis Engelhard and Slik 1994 (and not "Engelhardt and Slik").
Thank you very much in advance.
Best wishes,
Dr. G.H. Engelhard
Current address:
Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science
Pakefield Road
Lowestoft NR33 0HT, UK
Grigar (grigarpavel(at)  [2010-08-06 14:44:43]
Dobrý den, podařilo se mi konečně určit velkou včelu/Xylocopa violacea/ poprvé jsem ji viděl v roce 1982 v Piešťanech/Slovensko/ od r.2008 ji máme pravidelně na zahradě v okolí starého domu, obec Tištín,GPS 49-18-28N, 17-9-093E.
Marilyn Beckman (mbeckman(at)  [2009-09-08 22:22:06] Message was resolved
We noticed that your website ( contains a taxon called "Atestmovinae" which was most certainly obtained from the Orthoptera Species File. Unfortunately, this taxon was generated for test purposes and not subsequently deleted. Please delete it from your taxon list.
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