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Registered user can create new subtaxa under any existing taxon (even unconfirmed one).

The form is accessible from "Contributions to BioLib" panel in the lower part of the taxon profile. Only mandatory field is scientific name, however it is advised to provide an authority and a taxonomic source as well. Form also provides option for adding multiple taxa at once (providing list of scientific names including authority).

When adding new taxon, "duplication check" is automatically performed and duplicate taxa can be either skipped or ignored (if they're homonymes).

Administrators then revise the taxon and accept it, locking it for further changes. You can add texts, vernacular names, scientific names, intertaxa relations and some other data to an existing taxon. Other changes, such as moving the taxon, must be done using the comments function.

Last change: 2011-11-29

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