Goals of BioLib Project

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Purpose of BioLib Project is to create educational, freely accessible pages that will make possible

- to create a multilingual encyclopedia of life

- to easily create, update and view taxonomic system of various groups of living organisms. Add scientific and vernacular names, images, sounds, texts, check-lists, glossary and many more. Experts will be able to input all kind of information and also supervise contributions of other users.

- create a database of internet sites and literature about nature linked with taxa, referencing other sites from taxon profiles (direct profile-to-profile links) and thus creating guide to as much relevant information about biology as possible. Taxon profiles (as well as glossary terms) can be easily referenced both from texts in BioLib or, using a unique URL, from external sites. such as other specialized databases, articles or inventory lists.

Last change: 2010-06-13

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