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One of the main purposes of BioLib project is to create taxonomic database, glossary and gallery to which other users can link from their pages (so that their users have chance to find maximum of information).

If someone wants to create some specialised site, for example pages about Jewel Beetles Buprestidae, he can use BioLib for referencing host plants instead of creating profiles for them on his site. If someone wants to create list of species of some locality, he can link to corresponding profiles instead of having just a plain list of scientific names.

Same goes for glossary - if there's some universal glossary there's no need to create your own.

All is of course dependent on users readiness to collaborate. If someone extends some part of taxonomic system, uploads images or texts, he helps not only visitors of BioLib but also anyone who wants to use BioLib for references from his own site.

Last change: 2010-06-13

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