Importance of field location, country and date for uploaded images

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Although these fields on the form for uploading a picture to the gallery of BioLib are optional, we ask users to provide them where possible.


You can filter gallery to see only photographs from certain country (eg view only the photos from Greece), which make it easier for both users and professionals focused on flora and fauna of this particular country to browse and determine these photos.

BioLib automatically ensures that the country name is displayed in the language in which the user is browsing this site. If the user types the name of the country (eg Czech Republic) as text in the Location field, it will display as Czech Republic even for non-English speaking users.

In the future, we plan to check that the species on photographs connected with the country are located in the checklist (species lists) of this country (unless they are designated as collection, reared or grown specimens). It will thus be easier to find the photo incorrectly identified or, conversely, data missing in the checklist.


Further specification of the locality makes it easy to identify the species on the photograph. For example many species from Czech Republic are known to occur only in Moravia and if the photo was taken in Bohemia, some of the similar looking species might be ruled out. Conversely the experts can find new information on the distribution of certain species which are not sufficiently known.

Simply specify a local name, town or village near the locality, it is not necessary to specify the locality as exactly as GPS coordinates, even though such information might be helpful too. Don't write country name in this field, select it from list in Country field instead.

If the photo does not come from nature but from collections, zoos, botanical gardens, photo of a pet or a house plant, please indicate this also in the field Location.

If you're worried that the providing of specific location could harm the endangered species on it, it is sufficient to mention only a larger town nearby.


Specifying the date of when the photograph was taken may also be important for correct identification of the species or to expand knowledge about the time of occurrence of the species. If possible, fill at least a month and year.

Last change: 2010-04-03

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