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Normally it would not be possible to find out whether the determination (identification) of some image was done or at least revised by some expert. For this purpose we've created function called "Determination verification".

Using this function, any registered user can provide his opinion on determination of any photograph. If some expert registers on BioLib and visits its gallery, he can either consider the determination as incorrect and provide comment or propose different determination, or he can agree with the determination and use simple form to append his name to a list of users who find the determination correct or at least possible.

Select option "Certain" if you think that there are no other similar species that could be mistook for the determined species (considering the locality and date and other provided information). If you think that the species can be mistaken with another, but it's quite probable that the determination is correct anyway, use the option "Probable". The option "Uncertain" can be used in cases when you can neither confirm nor refute the determination. In all other cases, i.e when you think the determination is possibly wrong, use either Add or change determination form to propose different determination (even determination to genus, family or other taxonomic rank) and explain your opinion in Determination note or use Comments function to discuss the determination.

It is however impossible to determine some species just from an image, without further investigating the specimen by an expert. But even such photographs have some importance in gallery of BioLib since if there's lack of other precisely determined photographs of some species.

Some of the users of BiLib might be marked as experts on some group of organisms. Opinions and determinations made by these users are graphically distinguished from opinions of other users. Anyone who considers himself an expert or specialist on some group can apply for this attribution by contacting main administrator. All his previously added opinions will be automatically converted to "expert" level. A specialist or an expert can be considered anyone who spent some time being interested in some group of organisms and who well realizes which species can be easily confused with others.

The fact that there are more opinions accepting some determination does not of course mean that the determination is correct. It does, however, help to show whether the image was seen by other users and what they think of the determination.

Please use the form only in cases when you are sure you know the species well and understand the risks of confusing it with other species

Last change: 2008-12-09

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