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Editorial staff of BioLib reserves right to modify all texts and other information contributed by BioLib users. Contributors will be given notice in case of important changes. Contributor is responsible for accuracy of provided information, however editors are revising the quality of information continually.

Copyright for all information belong to its authors. If the information is cited from some source (either printed or electronic), please include the proper citation.

Photographs and images

Copyright © 1999 - 2022 Owners of the photographs are their authors. All rights reserved. If not said otherwise, author of image must be asked before using particular image.

Citation of BioLib

Citation of the project

Zicha O. (ed.) (1999-2022) BioLib.

Citation of single page

Author. BioLib: taxon or glossary term etc. [online]. c2022 [cited on date]. Available online: < url>


Author: Contributors of BioLib: taxon or glossary term etc. [online]. c2022 [cited on date]. Available online: < url>

Other products and contracts

Based on a contract between National Library of Czech Republic and BioLib some pages might be archived in their original form in WebArchiv system. National Library of Czech Republic is obliged to ensure that no copyrights are infringed.

Pages can further get to databases of internet search engines (such as and various other archiving systems.

Name of products, software products or compoanies named on these pages can be trademarks or registered trademarks of their owners.

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