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In the first phase we're trying to create basic tools and functions for data input and viewing, to acquire collaborators and to fill our database with basic data. In next phases we'll extend data and keep it as up to date and accurate as possible, and of course we'll modify and extend functions according to our users' and contributors' needs.

At first it's important to create taxonomic system (since the project started in Czech Republic we work on central european species first, only some more important groups are processed wider). There are over one million species described worldwide, Na celém světě je popsáno přes milion druhů, but some estimates are talking about ten or more millions - so there's lots of work for us to do. Taxonomic system is the fundamental and it allows to link images, texts or biotops with taxon profiles, and of course it allow other www pages authors to reference these profiles.

In parallel with taxonomic system we work on biological glossary, because it is relatively independent on taxonomic system (but of course there are references from definitions (recently only Czech version of glossary is useful enough).

After database contains enough of taxa we'll create check-lists for various countries and areas, dictionaries of vernacular names, texts in taxon profiles etc.

Apart from the main modules there are or will be many extra functions like database of biotops, discussion boards, database of protected territories, database of famous scientists and many others.

Last change: 2010-06-13

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