BioLib Special Text Functions

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This function allows users to easily add links to various records in BioLib and also links to external pages and images.

Syntax of text functions is usually following: [[F:#{;text}]] or[[F{;text}]] (text in composed brackets is optional), where F is function supported by BioLib, # is an ID of record in BioLib database and 'text' is a string which will be used to create link. If text is omitted, it is usually replaced by defaul values or by text directly from database (for example scientific name of taxon). If 'text' has value '@', it is automatically replaced by default text, but no link is created.

For example [[t:1;Ground beetle]] will create a link to page Ground beetle.

Some of the text functions can be copied from various functions of BioLib from informational section that can be accessed using SHOW INFO function (click for example SHOW INFO link in heading of this page).

Text functions can be used only in fields that are in forms marked with icon (forums, comments, taxon descriptions and so on.

Last change: 2010-06-13

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