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Determination of photograph means linking it with some taxon (most often some species) in taxonomic database of BioLib. The determination determines which scientific and vernacular name will be displayed under the image, on what taxon profile will be the photograph displayed and in which group of gallery it will show.

Each determination has an author (either it is the author of image or anyone who provided the determination subsequently), it is also possible to further specify:

Type of determination

- easily determinable species: author of determination thinks that there's very low chance that the species can be confused with some similar looking species.

- determined from photograph using book of reference: some book or other referecne was used when determining the image. In such case it is possible to provide the citation of the reference in a determination note.

- determined from specimen using book of reference: like the previous option, but the specimen was available when doing the determination (i.e. species either determined on locality of from collected material).

- determined from label (collection, zoological or botanical garden): option is used when the determination is taken from someone's collection, photographed animal in a zoo or labeled plant in botanical garden and so on.

Determination reliability

- unspecified

- approximate determination (cf.): cf. is an abbreviation of a latin-derived word "confer" - to compare. Option is used when author of determination thinks that the specimen looks like some species but he's not certain (either because he's not an expert or because the species cannot be determined from the photograph).

It is not possible to provide a type and reliablity when adding a determination. It however helps gallery administrators and other users to consider the probability of the correct determination.

Any user (even unregistered one) can propose a determination change of any confirmed or unconfirmed image. When the determination is changed, the author of the image and author of the original determination is sent a system message about the change. Determinations (even the proposed ones) can be verified by other users by adding their opinion about the probability of the determination, which helps to show whether the determination was seen by some experts.

Adding or changing image determinations
Determination verification

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