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[[tm:#{;text}]] - interpreted as a link to taxon group from SYSTEM function

example: [[tm:2441;Mollusca]] = Mollusca
example: [[tm;Root of taxonomic system]] = Root of taxonomic system

[[t:#{;text}]] - taxon profile link

example: [[t:1]] = Carabus - ground beetle, [[t:1;Ground beetle]] = Ground beetle

[[tt:#{;text}]] - link to taxonomic hierarchy

example: [[tt:1]] = Carabus - ground beetle

[[ts:#{;text}]] - overview of species (or any other taxonomic rank) of some taxon group

example: [[ts:1]] = Carabus - ground beetle

[[tp:#{;text}]] - overview of taxon profiles with text descriptions

example: [[tp:14969;Mammalia]] = Mammalia

[[te:#{;text}]] - list of external links for specific taxon

example: [[te:11003]] = Prionus coriarius - Tanner

[[tr:#{;text}]] - overview of records related to specific taxon

example: [[tr:43829]] = Fasciola hepatica

[[td:#{;text}]] - intertaxa relations link

example: [[td:43829]] = Fasciola hepatica

[[tf:#{;text}]] - link to overview of literature/links used to create some part of taxonomic system in BioLib

example: [[tf:2441]] = Mollusca - mollusks

[[ti:#{;text}]] - link to overview of images associated with specific taxon and bellow

example: [[ti:1]] = Carabus - ground beetle

[[ty:#{;text}]] - taxon position link

example: [[ty:1]] = Carabus - ground beetle

[[taxmap:#{;text}]] - link to specific taxon map

example: [[taxmap:1;map]] = map

[[taxmaps:#{;text}]] - link to overview of maps associated with specific taxon or bellow

example: [[taxmaps:14969;maps of mammals]] = maps of mammals

[[tn:#{;text}]] - link to overview of scientific and vernacular names of specific taxon

example: [[tn:1]] = Carabus - ground beetle

[[tl:#{;text}]] - link to overview of check-lists with specific taxon

example: [[tl:384]] = Blatta orientalis - Oriental Cockroach

[[tc:#{;text}]] - taxon comments

example: [[tc:384]] = Blatta orientalis - Oriental Cockroach

[[content{;text}]] - link to index of taxa

example: [[content]] = Index of Latin names

[[speclists{:#}{;text}]] - link to specific directory of predefined check-lists

example: [[speclists:292;Check-lists of vertebrates]] = Check-lists of vertebrates

[[chh:#{;text}]] - check-list header link

example: [[chh:1]] = Bohemia

[[list:#{;text}]] - check-list link

example: [[list:1]] = Bohemia

[[lists{;text}]] - list of check-lists link

example: [[lists]] = Check-lists

[[ldict{;text}]] - dictionary of vernacular names link

example: [[ldict]] = Vernacular Names

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