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BioLib is non-profit project that can be used as an educational tool. The purpose of this project is to collect biological information and present it to public both professional or just nature lovers. Our first task is to create list of animals, plants and fungi species of Czech Republic, this is about 70 to 90 thousand species. System also contains (or in some cases rather 'will contain') gallery of images connected with records in the species database, database of biological terms, list of literature and links about nature, checklists, language dictionary of species, articles and so on.

Project BioLib allows anyone who wants to help to insert data into its databases. After registration the user is allowed to add images, links, write image descriptions, add terms to biological dictionary or texts to species. The submitted data is of course revised before added to database.

The purpose of BioLib is to create system that helps people to find as much resources on subject they are interested in as possible, not just in data contained in databases, but also giving them list of links and literature on this subject.

Last change: 2010-06-13

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