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Please upload only images made by you, images in free licenses (public domain, creative commons) or images by author who has given you permission to use image on BioLib. If you are not an author, write author's name in correct field and check the field "I'm not author of the image". A note specifying the author rights can be provided for each image, or use "Settings / Author rights" to specify a text that will be globally displayed next to all your images in gallery and on your profile as well.

Images are not protected against downloading and therefore anyone can save them on their computer or link them in some page (which we however do not approve or recommend, since it's not good for server's bandwidth). If someone wants to misuse images, he can always find way to do so and all measures taken against these people are in effect obstructing other users from using this site normally. Therefore only way to protect these images is to upload them in lower quality and resolution and provide better quality only to those who ask you for permission to use the image. When you upload images on BioLib, we cannot guarantee they won't be misused, however from our experiences, uses of images in books, journals, internet pages are in 99% done with regard to specified rights (for example contacting owner of copyright before). The images sometimes appear linked on blogs, internet forums and so on, which can be hardly considered a serious infringement of author rights by most people.

Last change: 2010-06-13

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