Rules for added images

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- images can be only added to BioLib with permission of their author. You can add your photographs or images by author who gave you permission to use the image on this site (or image is public domain), but then you must credit the author along with every uploaded image.

- image must be in JPG format, shouldn't be smaller than 300 px (recommended size is 600 or more pixels). Images bigger than 800 pixels (the longer side) or images whose filesize exceeds certain number are automatically resized and provided in two copies.

- images should be without frames and highlighting symbols (arrows, circles). Copyright text with author's name and/or site address of original gallery can be included in image, but it shouldn't interfere with the photographed object too much

- if possible, provide only images of reasonable quality, where photographed object is clearly visible. It is also prefered if there is only one species picutred on one photograph.

- image should be decriptive so that the species can be distinguished easily. We also prefer images that doesn't contain things like human parts or man-made items (such as hands, clothes and so on).

- if administrators find out that the image breaks some of the rules, or that the depicted species is already present on many pictures in BioLib gallery (15 or more, with exception of images of colour variability or images of eggs, larvae etc. that are not yet in the gallery), they can reject the image (author can contact the administrators in case he feels that the image was rejected without good reason).

Contributing to BioLib

Last change: 2007-02-01

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