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Registered users can upload images to gallery. These images are placed in a special group of gallery as "not confirmed". Administrators of gallery will revise quality and determination of these images before accepting them to the gallery of BioLib (see Rules for added images). Undetermined images or images with uncertain determination stay in the "not confirmed" group until someone determines them.

Form for uploading images is accessible from user's account or from anywhere in gallery. Uploaded images can be edited until an administrators accepts them. After that, only certain fields are accessible, such as author rights, locality, date and so on. Determination of images is locked when some other user changes it. Determination for locked images and determination for accepted images can be only changed using form for proposing determination change.

If you link uploaded image with a taxon it will be automatically placed in most suitable gallery category. For images of localities, biotops and such you must select category manually (or the administrators will select the category themselves). If the taxon could not be found in BioLib, just write its name in "Image title" and administrators will create the taxon and link image to it.

If you want to contribute large number of photographs, or some processing of the images is necessary, contact main administrator for possibilities of a multiple upload.

Last change: 2010-06-13

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