Principle of accepting contributed data

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Normal user is not allowed to directly change information in BioLib database (with some exceptions, as is editing their images in gallery).

There are however forms for "proposing" changes, such as form for adding new taxa, scientific or vernacular names, new images, glossary terms, determinations and such. These changes however need to be accepted by administrators, until then, they do not affect real data. Data added by users and not yet revised and accepted (or rejected) by administrators is called unconfirmed in BioLib.

If you for example upload new image to gallery, don't panic if it doesn't appear among other images and in species profile which you have associated with the image. Image is located in special section and can be edited by you until some of our gallery administrators checks and accepts it.

Same principle works when adding new taxa, vernacular and scientific names, texts, references, glossary terms, image determinations etc.

This method allows administrators to better survey changes in BioLib and helps to avoid some errors (wrong determinations, duplicate taxa) or even security attacks.

Last change: 2011-11-29

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