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Mazák, Vratislav

RNDr. Vratislav Mazák (June 22, 1937, Kutná Hora - September 9, 1987, Praha) was a Czech biologist. He specialised in paleoanthropology, mammalogy and taxonomy, and he was also a painter, often illustrating his books about animals and men. He was a professor at the Charles University's Faculty of Science and also worked as a zoologist at the Prague National Museum. Along with Dr. Groves, Dr. Mazák was the describer of Homo ergaster. He also described the tiger subspecies Panthera tigris corbetti.

Major publications

In Czech

Naši savci (1970), Our Mammals
Kostra velryby v Národním muzeu v Praze a krátký pohled do světa kytovců (1976), The skeleton of the whale in the Prague National Museum and a brief look into the world of cetaceans
Jak vznikl člověk: Sága rodu Homo (1977), The Origin of Man - Saga of the Homo genus; with Zdeněk Burian
Velké kočky a gepardi (1980) - Big cats and cheetahs
Jak vznikl člověk: (Sága rodu Homo) (1986), The Origin of Man - Saga of the Homo genus, a revised and enlarged edition; with Zdeněk Burian
Kytovci (1988), Cetaceans
Pravěký člověk (1992), Prehistoric Man; with Zdeněk Burian

In German

Der Tiger: Panthera tigris Linnaeus, 1758 (1965)
Die Namen der Pelztiere und ihrer Felle (1974)
Der Tiger: Panthera tigris (1979)
Der Urmensch und seine Vorfahren (1983)

In English

Prehistoric Man, The Dawn of Our Species; paintings Zdeněk Burian, line drawings by the author (Hamlyn 1980, tr. by Margot Schierlová)

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