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Bas van de Meulengraaf   [2022-03-18 15:10:08] Message was resolved
It looks like the subfamily name Mesocoleopodinae is misspelled. According to Bouchard et al. (2011) it should be Mesocoelopodinae.
Best regards,
Bas van de Meulengraaf
Iggino Van Bael   [2021-08-29 13:19:29]
Ondřej Zicha [ 2021-08-01 11:32:55 ]: Thanks Ondrej. Maybe you also can move the photos from Klaus from Salvadorii to Erythrothorax. As they are red breasted and not salvadorii. (they look very similar but Salvadorii got blue underwings and red breasted red underwings). But when you don't see the blue from the belly go under the wing (see my picture) it got a red underwing. (note: not always when the blue seems to go under the wing it's salvadorii, sometimes he is holding the wing a bit lower or the blue goes a little further, but when you see the blue stops and change to red it's 100% erythrothorax).
Ondřej Zicha   [2021-08-01 11:32:55]
Iggino Van Bael [ 24.07.2021 07:56:01 ]: Thanks for the suggestion, erythrothorax is now Red Breasted Black-capped Lory.
Iggino Van Bael   [2021-07-24 07:56:01] Message was resolved
I would like some change in the names of the Lorius lory subspecies.
Now you call the Lorius lory erythrothorax, salvadori black-capped lory, and the Lorius lory salvadorii also salvadori black-capped lory. This is very confusing, certainly when I see that all the pictures (except mine) in the Lorius lory salvadorii are erythrothorax.
Can we call the erythrothorax red breasted black-capped lory? As almost everywere in the world does, except Germany they make it difficult by calling it salvadori. And the salvadorii keep his name salvadori black-capped lory.
Adam   [2020-12-08 10:55:42] Message was replied
Hi, I'd like to get my hands on some larger data about arachnida to use them for my shool homewrok. I am supposed to create some visualization tool and use it to visualize some interesting data. I haven't found any nce visualisations of arachnida sightings (for example acros time or categorized by taxons or smth.)
I also haven't found any publicly available data in some usable form (CSV, ARF, XML, JSON, XLS, XLSX or something)
Can anyone help me?
Ondřej Zicha   [2019-11-08 07:25:37]
Margaret Donald [ 07.11.2019 22:54:22 ]: Hi, thank you for comment, name was fixed.
Margaret Donald   [2019-11-07 22:54:22] Message was resolved
1) misspells taxon name: should be Palaeophasanius meleagroides
2) Wetmore, 1940 cites the author as Shufeldt, 1913 (reference is: Shufeldt, R.W. (1913). "Further studies of fossil birds with descriptions of new and extinct species". Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History. 32: 285–306) as does Fossilworks:

The author information for this taxon needs to be fixed
Steve Daniels   [2016-04-24 07:49:39] Message was replied
When I try to log in I get the message "User not registered!". If I try to register I find myself already registered. How do I get round this?
hubatova   [2015-08-30 17:47:42]
30.8. v Praze Troji za privozem byla na cyklostezce uzovka podplamata cca 80cm.
ramesh agrawal   [2013-11-17 12:59:22]
i am always seeking indepth knowledge in ayurveda and folk medicines.Looking for the knowledge of perfect times for digging and collecting herbs / times for preparing medicines from it / and timings for using it.
Ondřej Zicha   [2013-07-31 17:31:00]
J.Irish [ 31.07.2013 10:07:49 ]: Thank you very much, the names are now corrected. I've left the original names and marked them as misspellings, since it seems to be a widespread error on internet.

Lawrenciola damarana
J.Irish   [2013-07-31 10:07:49] Message was resolved
Error reporting, spelling error: Opiliones species Lawrenciola darmarana (Lawrence, 1931) should be Lawrenciola damarana (Lawrence 1931). Verification: refer original description, page 362 of
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