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Adam   [2020-12-08 10:55:42] Message was replied
Hi, I'd like to get my hands on some larger data about arachnida to use them for my shool homewrok. I am supposed to create some visualization tool and use it to visualize some interesting data. I haven't found any nce visualisations of arachnida sightings (for example acros time or categorized by taxons or smth.)
I also haven't found any publicly available data in some usable form (CSV, ARF, XML, JSON, XLS, XLSX or something)
Can anyone help me?
Ondřej Zicha   [2019-11-08 07:25:37]
Margaret Donald [ 07.11.2019 22:54:22 ]: Hi, thank you for comment, name was fixed.
Margaret Donald   [2019-11-07 22:54:22] Message was resolved
1) misspells taxon name: should be Palaeophasanius meleagroides
2) Wetmore, 1940 cites the author as Shufeldt, 1913 (reference is: Shufeldt, R.W. (1913). "Further studies of fossil birds with descriptions of new and extinct species". Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History. 32: 285–306) as does Fossilworks:

The author information for this taxon needs to be fixed
Steve Daniels   [2016-04-24 07:49:39] Message was replied
When I try to log in I get the message "User not registered!". If I try to register I find myself already registered. How do I get round this?
hubatova   [2015-08-30 17:47:42]
30.8. v Praze Troji za privozem byla na cyklostezce uzovka podplamata cca 80cm.
ramesh agrawal   [2013-11-17 12:59:22]
i am always seeking indepth knowledge in ayurveda and folk medicines.Looking for the knowledge of perfect times for digging and collecting herbs / times for preparing medicines from it / and timings for using it.
Ondřej Zicha   [2013-07-31 17:31:00]
J.Irish [ 31.07.2013 10:07:49 ]: Thank you very much, the names are now corrected. I've left the original names and marked them as misspellings, since it seems to be a widespread error on internet.

Lawrenciola damarana
J.Irish   [2013-07-31 10:07:49] Message was resolved
Error reporting, spelling error: Opiliones species Lawrenciola darmarana (Lawrence, 1931) should be Lawrenciola damarana (Lawrence 1931). Verification: refer original description, page 362 of
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