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This messageboard contains frequently updated list of changes that are not big enough to fit into News section. At first it might be slightely behind its czech version


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Ondřej Zicha   [2019-12-13 10:33:17]

Image of the same species by the same author

Image detail now also shows images of the same species or subspecies by the same photograph. It is now also easier to relate images of the same object (for example photo of leaves and flower of the same plant)
Ondřej Zicha   [2017-01-14 12:08:12]

Changes in scientific name formating

Scientific names of families, orders and other taxa in higher taxonomy are now displayed in regular font, while italics are still used for genera, species and lower taxonomic ranks. Names of cultivars and parts of scientific name denominating taxonomic rank (subsp., f., var. and so on) are without italics as well.

For this we had to update hundreds lines of code in hundreds different functions, sorry it took us so long! Please report if you find any mistakes in names formatting (or elsewhere).
Ondřej Zicha   [2017-01-14 12:03:26]

Adding citations for taxonomy managers is easier now

When working with specific source for adding new species, synonymy, common names or checklist data, it is now a lot of easier to add citations for this source. Just visit the source page in links and literature database, click on "Work with reference" and this source will be automatically used in related citation forms.
Ondřej Zicha   [2016-07-24 21:16:21]

Distinguishing larval/adult stages in interspecific relations

It is now possible to specify whether certain food relations apply only to larval or adult stages. For example adult stage of some beetle might have different host plant preferences than its larva.
Ondřej Zicha   [2012-09-01 18:49:12]

Adding image tags and associating images with colors

Registered users can now add glossary tags (such as male/female, larva, flower, leaf...) for any image in gallery. These tags are marked as unconfirmed and are revised and accepted by gallery administrators. Also it is possible to use special form for associating image with color tags.

Color tags will be used to filter gallery for single color or combination of colors, it is however necessary first to associate as many images with colors as possible.

Not only predominant color but also small spots of different color that could help determination of the species should be associated with the image. It is however not recommended to associate green color with leaves and unripe fruits, white for mushroom stalks, "transparent" for wings of most of the insects, black or brown for legs of beetles where elytra of different color is clearly visible and so on.
Ondřej Zicha   [2012-09-01 18:43:40]

Vernacular names linked to scientific synonyms

In cases where some common name is used only for taxon which is synonymized with different taxon in BioLib it is now possible to link this name to specific synonym, see for example Czech names for Entoloma
Ondřej Zicha   [2009-06-24 22:52:09]
- taxon profiles, search results, index of taxa, checklists and some other functions now allow filtering records by "kingdom" (not in strict taxonomic sense). Taxa are divided in five such groups - animals (blue), fungi (yellow), plants (green), "bacteria and other" (orange - Bacteria, Chromalveolata, Rhizaria, Excavata atp.) and viruses (gray).

- icons for taxa profiles containing images or texts are now also incorporated in several functions, such as search, index and so on
Ondřej Zicha   [2009-01-18 19:30:17]
- administrators can now import citations for check-list data (even more sources for one check-list), see example here: Formica rufa.

- taxon profile now lists check-lists in which taxon is present (only countries, not more detailed check-lists). Check-lists in BioLib are not by any means complete (most of them are actually still quite empty), but if the taxon is present in some of the check-lists, user can now see it immediately on taxon profile. Species with complete listings of countries are specially marked - see Viola alpina

- images linked to a country, where the country is politically under different country (for example Hawaii, Canary Islands etc) are now displayed together with the name of country they are part of (that is USA and Spain respectively...)
Ondřej Zicha   [2008-12-20 21:09:38]
- main page redesigned, two years old "news" finally replaced with more recent one.
Ondřej Zicha   [2008-03-05 23:00:33]
- users can specify country for uploaded image. Country name will be displayed next to other locality data in site language. Furthermore it is now possible to limit images in gallery to certain country, for example show only photographs from Sri Lanka. Undetermined images can be also limited to selected country.
Ondřej Zicha   [2008-01-26 11:17:28]
- changes in function Author gallery. First page of author gallery displays recently added pictures (and link to browse pictures chronologically). Gallery folders are limited to relevant folders - only folders containing images or more than one subfolder are displayed. Photographers can decide which of their images exclude from their author gallery. Recommended author galleries are now listed in function Featured author galleries.
Ondřej Zicha   [2007-12-29 01:11:02]
- update of system of Diptera, added over 14 000 European taxa, source de Jong, Y.S.D.M. (ed.): Fauna Europaea []
Ondřej Zicha   [2007-12-13 22:19:16]
- default searching method now uses full-text algorithm so it can be used to find species names - try searching for vulgaris. Searching for images is now faster.
Ondřej Zicha   [2007-11-10 15:06:41]
- character encoding of whole site changed to UTF-8 (multibyte coding of special characters like kanji, hiragana, characters like å and so on). Hope everything works... Please let me know if you find any problems.
Ondřej Zicha   [2007-11-08 01:31:52]
- update of system of Auchenorrhyncha, added over 1500 European taxa, source de Jong, Y.S.D.M. (ed.): Fauna Europaea []
Ondřej Zicha   [2007-11-07 20:19:38]
- update of system of Sternorrhyncha, added over 1800 European taxa, source de Jong, Y.S.D.M. (ed.): Fauna Europaea []
Ondřej Zicha   [2007-11-04 16:11:41]
- new link "System tools" now accessible from Account function for registered users. It will contain some useful functions for users and for administrators of BioLib.

- function "Lookup taxon IDs" accessible through System tools. It reads list of scientific names from CSV file and attempts to provide their unique identifiers in BioLib. Can be used when some webmaster wants to create links to taxon profiles in BioLib from his database or when someone want to check a list of names for misspellings, invalid names or missing taxa (either in list or in BioLib).

- new function that lists your images that were determined by other person than you. Function accessible through System tools/Special image lists.

- function that lists your images with added comments moved to "Special image lists"
Ondřej Zicha   [2007-11-03 18:57:56]
- images associated with taxa with ranks lower than species (subspecies, forms, varieties etc.) are automatically displayed on species page as well (administrators can hide them if needed).
Ondřej Zicha   [2007-11-01 11:24:50]
- update of system of true bugs (Heteroptera), added over 1400 European taxa, source de Jong, Y.S.D.M. (ed.): Fauna Europaea []
Ondřej Zicha   [2007-09-12 15:57:55]
- redesign of directory listings and image thumbnails. Short text descriptions as well as image thumbnails can be now added to gallery directories, see an example. Image thumbnails can be switched off in Settings.

- images can now be associated with predefined licenses. Minor changes in design of image details. License of added images can be selected in settings as well as selected in image upload form.

- registered users can add intertaxon relationships
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