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Angelo Zanconato (azanconato(at)  [2012-08-19 15:17:52]
errata corrige

species Acanthotrichia bilamina Wells, 1982

è scritta due volte.
tirreno03 (tirreno03(at)  [2012-05-02 15:28:13]
I will be travelling from Germany to the Czech Republic next week.
I am very interested in Lucanidae beetles and therefore I ask you if you know any locations not too far from the Pilsen-Prague-Brno motorway in which I could find (or at least search!!) ceruchus chrysomelinus or aesalus scarabaeoides. This because I am on buisiness trip (by car) and I will not have a lot of time for my entomological trips!!
Many thanks in advance!
Ondřej Zicha   [2012-02-02 23:24:24]
Bjørn Grøn [ 02.02.2012 10:21:42 ]: Hi, I think that Miroslav Fiala is active on HymIS forum. Here's his profile on BioLib - his email seems to be public: Miroslav Fiala.
Bjørn Grøn   [2012-02-02 10:21:42]
There is a thread on HymIS network asking for a contact to M. Fiala. Does anyone have any news?
Brgds Bjoern, DK
Ondřej Zicha   [2012-01-28 15:28:22]
B. Holly Smith [ 25.01.2012 15:44:12 ]: Hi, it is of course preferable to ask authors for permission to use their images in your lectures. However if you use the images only in your courses and do not distribute the presentations on internet, it might not be necessary to ask - at least from what I know most of the teachers don't ask for permissions if they use images only in presentations.

You can of course use any Creative Commons or Public Domain images without permission by the author, just by crediting him.
B. Holly Smith (bhsmith(at)  [2012-01-25 15:44:12]
I just discovered your site and look forward to visiting it in the future. One question: do you require individual permissions for a scholar to use a slide image in a lecture for a university course (with credit on image)?

good luck with the site and best wishes,

B. Holly Smith
University of Michigan USA
Vitaly Gumenjuk (sungaya(at)  [2011-12-26 18:14:27]
Could you help me identify the larvae of sawflies Moscow region?
Where can I post pictures for identification?
Davidadamec   [2011-11-17 02:47:21]
Dobrý den.
Chtěl jsem Vás upozornit, že jsem již před časem zařadil do databáze obrázek smrže (pravděpodobně druh Morchella deliciosa - alespoň podle vlastních kritérií biolibu).
Houbu jsem našel v Kanadě, v oblasti Velkého otročího jezera, a to na spáleništi (z toho odvozuji její určení).
Snažil jsem se najít aspoň přesný latinský název houby a musím se přiznat, že je to dost komplikované.
Každopádně, ze svých poznatků, ale i na základě informací od kanadských houbařů vím, že na kanadských spáleništích rostou přinejmenším dva druhy smržů. Jde jednak o tzv. "koniky" ( Morchella vulgaris, nebo conica) a potom o jiný druh, většinou větší, světlejší - žlutý a někdy až bílý, rostoucí o pár týdnů později než koniky. Ze zkušenosti mám podezření, že se jedná o "smrž chutný" (Morchella deliciosa). Na fotografii, kterou jsem přidal je právě tato houba.
josef krejči   [2011-11-11 20:29:11]
Maria Luisa Lobo Lima (maria_luisalima(at)  [2011-10-14 12:28:05]
I'm from Cape verde Islands. I like this site but i would like to have more informations about plants from Cape Verde.It is possible to post some pictures from identification???
Ondřej Zicha   [2011-04-04 19:14:56]
Jiří Pelc [ 04.04.2011 18:01:20 ]: Dobrý den, mohl by to být Allium paradoxum, ten snad na Petříně hojně roste
Jiří Pelc (jijepe(at)  [2011-04-04 18:01:20]
Přeju pěkný den,
mohl by mi někdo prozradit,jaký druh česneku pokrývá v těchto dnech ve velikých kobercích stráně pražského Petřína??
Předem děkuji.
Padmanaban (kr_padmaa(at)  [2010-12-08 09:33:10]
One of the best site,I have seen in the last 48hours and I just go on enjoying.

Thanks for everything.
Ondřej Zicha   [2010-09-15 19:58:33]
Anonym [ 15.09.2010 03:55:07 ]: True. For example our gallery of fishes.
But seriously, what do you have in mind? Have you experienced any problems?
Anonymous   [2010-09-15 03:55:07]
hmmm. I think there's something fishy about this site.
jeroen vermeire   [2010-09-05 23:08:39]
Taken some good pictures of butterflies, here in tuscany-Italy,
somebody can give me a contact to somebody who can help me to identify them, some I really doubt, am missing the good scientific books or knowledge,

David (david(at)  [2010-08-31 13:26:49]
does exist any big poster, where taxonomy is written ? i mean every category of the system...the whole system. even in format A1 or A0. i would like to print it and learn the system...
Bennie   [2010-08-13 06:23:04]
Dear BioLib,

Last week I started reading about the Suckerfish Dropdowns dropdown-menu. I noticed today that I had misspelled one of the fish names on the menu, "Remoras," as "Remores" as I was typing the html code for the dropdown-menu into my Text Editor.

I then went online to Wikipedia to see what all of the fish names meant, out of curiosity, and discovered on this page,, that they had written there: "Echeneis is a genus of remora."

After finding this page on your website,, it became clear that they meant to say: "Echeneis is a genus of Echeneidae (remoras and sharksuckers)."

I guess because the plural of "remora" is also spelled "remoras," people get the two words with different meanings confused.

At any rate, I joined Wikipedia minutes later and made a correction on the web page, changing "remora" to "remoras."

The problem is there are other web pages on Wikipedia that will have to be changed in order to get the shorthand family-name "remoras" properly distinguished from the genus name "remora."

Thank you for your informative website,

Paula du Luc (rosespearman(at)  [2010-05-05 19:52:30]
would like to study insects and maybe join a club.
gdgfd   [2010-04-07 23:44:57]
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