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Invertebrates of Czech Republic

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observed species

You don't have to specify exact species if you are unsure and you include photographs from which the species can be determined

- Important information is for example how many times have you seen species on this locality, description of environment where the observation was made, whether you've seen the species or just some trace of it (ex. trails)
Observation date

If you don't know exact date, month will be sufficient. Year is obligatory field.

(day/month/year)   * « Actual date
Locality data

Exact description of locality is needed even if you submit coordinates.

(more specific info about locality)
? (not neccessary to enter when GPS is present)
contact on person who made the observation.

Please provide your e-mail or other contact information, through which a mapping manager might ask some further questions about observation.


If you report observation made by different person than you, please use this field to input your name and contact information.

Odesláním tohoto formuláře souhlasím se zpracováním zadaných údajů v databázi mapování na BioLibu a popř. v dalších systémech, včetně exportu těchto údajů do Nálezové databáze ochrany přírody AOPK ČR. Vaše osobní údaje budou viditelné pouze správcům mapování.

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