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Sabatinca Walker, 1863
Sabatinca aemula Philpot, 1924
Sabatinca aenea Hudson, 1928
Sabatinca aurantiaca Philpott, 1924
Sabatinca barbarica Philpot, 1918
Sabatinca bimacula Gibbs, 2014
Sabatinca calliarcha Meyrick, 1912
Sabatinca caustica Meyrick, 1912
Sabatinca chrysargyra (Meyrick, 1886)
Sabatinca delobelli Viette, 1978
Sabatinca demissa Philpot, 1923
Sabatinca eodora Meyrick, 1918
Sabatinca heighwayi Philpott, 1927
Sabatinca incongruella Walker, 1863
Sabatinca lucilia Clarke, 1920
Sabatinca passalota Meyrick, 1923
Sabatinca pervetus (Cockerell, 1919)
Sabatinca pluvialis Gibbs, 2014
Sabatinca proavitella (Rebel, 1935)
Sabatinca quadrijuga Meyrick, 1912
Sabatinca rosicoma Meyrick, 1914
Sabatinca weheka Gibbs, 2014
Sabatinca zonodoxa (Meyrick, 1888)
Sabatinca sterops Turner, 1922Aureopterix sterops (Turner, 1922)
Sabatinca porphyrodes Turner, 1932Austromartyria porphyrodes (Turner, 1932)
Sabatinca aurella Hudson, 1918Micropardalis aurella (Hudson, 1918)
Sabatinca munda FelderSabatinca incongruella Walker, 1863
Sabatinca perveta (Cockerell, 1919)Sabatinca pervetus (Cockerell, 1919)
Sabatinca calliplaca (Meyrick, 1902)Tasmantrix calliplaca (Meyrick, 1902)
Records 1 to 30 of 30  

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