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Hoplodactylus Fitzinger, 1843 - Grey-brown Gecko
Hoplodactylus delcourti Bauer & Russell, 1986 - Kawekaweau
Hoplodactylus duvaucelii (Duméril & Bibron, 1836) - Duvaucel's Gecko
Hoplodactylus Tschitscherine, 1893Aphaonus Reitter, 1887
Hoplodactylus Chaudoir, 1878Hoplodactylella Strand, 1936
Hoplodactylus tuberculatus Lucas & Frost, 1900Cyrtodactylus tuberculatus (Lucas & Frost, 1900) - Coastal Ring-tailed Gecko
Hoplodactylus pacificus Gray, 1842Dactylocnemis pacificus (Gray, 1842) - Pacific Sticky-toed Gecko
Hoplodactylus (Pentadactylus) australis Steindachner, 1867Heteronotia binoei (J.E. Gray, 1845) - Bynoe's Gecko
Hoplodactylus australis Steindachner, 1867Heteronotia binoei (J.E. Gray, 1845) - Bynoe's Gecko
Hoplodactylus cryptozoicus Jewell & Leschen, 2004Mokopirirakau cryptozoicus (Jewell & Leschen, 2004) - Takitimu Gecko
Hoplodactylus granulatus (Gray, 1845)Mokopirirakau granulatus (Gray, 1845) - Forest Gecko
Hoplodactylus kahutarae Whitaker, 1985Mokopirirakau kahutarae (Whitaker, 1985) - Black-eyed Gecko
Hoplodactylus nebulosus Gray, 1855Mokopirirakau nebulosus (McCann, 1955) - Cloudy Gecko
Hoplodactylus elegans (Gray, 1842)Naultinus elegans Gray, 1842 - Common Green Gecko
Hoplodactylus grayi (Bell, 1843)Naultinus grayii Bell, 1843
Hoplodactylus punctatus (Gray, 1843)Naultinus punctatus Gray, 1843 - Wellington Green Gecko
Hoplodactylus leachianus Fitzinger, 1843Rhacodactylus leachianus (Cuvier, 1829) - New Caledonia Giant Gecko
Hoplodactylus stephensi Robb, 1980Toropuku stephensi (Robb, 1980) - Stephen's Island Gecko
Hoplodactylus rakiurae Thomas, 1981Tukutuku rakiurae (B. Thomas, 1981) - Harlequin Gecko
Hoplodactylus brunneus (Cope, 1869)Woodworthia brunnea (Cope, 1869) - Canterbury Gecko
Hoplodactylus chrysosireticus Robb, 1980Woodworthia chrysosiretica (Robb, 1980) - Gold-striped Gecko
Hoplodactylus maculatus (Gray, 1845)Woodworthia maculata (Gray, 1845) - Common Grey Gecko
Hoplodactylus digitatus (Garman, 1901)Woodworthia maculata (Gray, 1845) - Common Grey Gecko
Records 1 to 23 of 23  

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