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Scientific names

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Bradornis Smith, 1847
Bradornis mariquensis A. Smith, 1847 - Mariqua Flycatcher
Bradornis microrhynchus Reichenow, 1887 - Large Flycatcher
Bradornis microrhynchus pumilus (Sharpe, 1895) - Little Grey Flycatcher
Bradornis infuscatus (A. Smith, 1839)Agricola infuscatus (A. Smith, 1839) - Chat Flycatcher
Bradornis pallidus (von Müller, 1851)Agricola pallidus (von Müller, 1851) - Pale Flycatcher
Bradornis infuscatus benguellensis Sousa, 1886Agricola infuscatus benguellensis (Sousa, 1886)
Bradornis infuscatus infuscatus (A. Smith, 1839)Agricola infuscatus infuscatus (A. Smith, 1839)
Bradornis infuscatus namaquensis Macdonald, 1957Agricola infuscatus namaquensis (Macdonald, 1957)
Bradornis infuscatus placidus Clancey, 1958Agricola infuscatus placidus (Clancey, 1958)
Bradornis infuscatus seimundi Ogilvie-Grant, 1913Agricola infuscatus seimundi (Ogilvie-Grant, 1913)
Bradornis pallidus aquaemontis Stresemann, 1937Agricola pallidus aquaemontis (Stresemann, 1937)
Bradornis pallidus bafirawari Bannerman, 1924Agricola pallidus bafirawari (Bannerman, 1924)
Bradornis pallidus bowdleri Collin, A & Hartert, 1927Agricola pallidus bowdleri (Collin, A & Hartert, 1927)
Bradornis pallidus divisus Lawson, 1961Agricola pallidus divisus (Lawson, 1961)
Bradornis pallidus duyerali Traylor, 1970Agricola pallidus duyerali (Traylor, 1970)
Bradornis pallidus erlangeri Reichenow, 1905Agricola pallidus erlangeri (Reichenow, 1905)
Bradornis pallidus griseus Reichenow, 1882Agricola pallidus griseus (Reichenow, 1882)
Bradornis pallidus modestus Shelley, 1873Agricola pallidus modestus (Shelley, 1873)
Bradornis pallidus murinus Hartlaub & Finsch, 1870Agricola pallidus murinus (Hartlaub & Finsch, 1870)
Bradornis pallidus pallidus (Von Muller, 1851)Agricola pallidus pallidus (Von Muller, 1851)
Bradornis pallidus parvus Reichenow, 1907Agricola pallidus parvus (Reichenow, 1907)
Bradornis pallidus sibilans Clancey, 1966Agricola pallidus sibilans (Clancey, 1966)
Bradornis pallidus subalaris Sharpe, 1874Agricola pallidus subalaris (Sharpe, 1874)
Bradornis pumilusBradornis microrhynchus pumilus (Sharpe, 1895) - Little Grey Flycatcher
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Unconfirmed taxa

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