BioLib, z. s.

BioLib, o. s. is a nonprofit organization registered on the 26th January 2012 to support project. Its mission is public education, popularization of biology, scientific research and publishing activities with a particular focus on nature related fields. Status of nonprofit organization also enables to collect donations and officially cooperate with other organizations such as universities, schools or museums.

Income in year 2018

Since January 2018 we collected 185 EUR ($210). Donation was kindly sent by Marek Goliáš (185 EUR). Thank you for your kind support of this project.

Donations will be used for server operation and inovation and other related services.

Income in year 2017

Since January 2017 we collected 1 831 EUR ($2 077). Donation was kindly sent by Bohuslav Stalmach (444 EUR), Petr Vobořil (89 EUR), David Křivka (74 EUR), Otakar Holuša (74 EUR), Romana Plačková (56 EUR), Jan Mikac (46 EUR), Robert Kopecký (41 EUR), Petr Červenka (37 EUR), Jan Havlíček (37 EUR), Jan Strojil (37 EUR), Josef Němec (37 EUR), Michal Zitko (37 EUR), Miloš Zábrodský (37 EUR), Miroslav Deml (37 EUR), Miroslav Pospíšil (37 EUR), Pavel Kocman (37 EUR), Simon Rerucha (37 EUR), Zdeněk Hyan (37 EUR), Tereza Kavanová (26 EUR), Jindřich Moc (19 EUR), Jiří Jech (19 EUR), Václav Štěpánský (19 EUR), Zuzana Vydrová (19 EUR), Jiří Máca (15 EUR), Václav Pokorný (15 EUR), Jan Raška (11 EUR), Jitka Laštovičková (11 EUR), Lucie Parová (9 EUR), Michael Kotyk (9 EUR), Jana Strakerlová (7 EUR), Jiří Hadrava (7 EUR), Michal Schongut (7 EUR), David Sommer (4 EUR) a other donors (404 EUR). Thank you for your support.

Basic information

  • Name: BioLib, z. s.
  • Registration number: 22755951
  • Regulations (Czech only): version 2012-02 (PDF, 169 kB)

  • Bank account: FIO 2700233795/2010
  • Bank account SK (EUR): FIO 2700233795/8330
  • IBAN: CZ0620100000002700233795

Support BioLib

You can send money on Czech or Slovak bank account stated in the organization's basic information.

It is also possible to send donation through PayPal, either from your PayPal account, or using your credit card and PayPal's secured payment gateway. For further information see here.