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Vexitomina Powell, 1942

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Shell of moderate size, 15 - 33 mm., claviform, with a tall spire and truncated anterior end, but without a definite parietal tubercle, except for a thickened callus in a gerontic state. Protoconch of 2 1/2 smooth whorls, usually developing a weak low-set keel towards its termination, which is defined by a forwardly projected weak axial growth line, followed by numerous weak axials, gradually increasing in strength along the spiral keel as the post-nuclear sculpture develops. Sinus rather shallow, with a broadly rounded apex, occupying the middle of the shoulder slope, not subtubular, constricted or ridge-margined. Adult sculpture of axials crossed by spirals in varying strengths, usually into peripheral nodes or pointed tubercles, in single or double series. Outer lip not varixed; anterior canal very short and shallowly notched. Operculum leaf-shaped, with a terminal nucleus. Range — Recent, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, northern New Zealand and Indo-Pacific, Mauritius, East Indies, Philippines and Loyalty Islands.


Powell, A.W.B. : The Molluscan Families Speightiidae and Turridae. 1966.

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Počet záznamů: 9

druh Vexitomina coriorudis Ch. Hedley, 1922

Vexitomina coriorudis

druh Vexitomina coxi G.F. Angas, 1867

Vexitomina coxi

druh Vexitomina metcalfei G. F. Angas, 1867

Vexitomina metcalfei

druh Vexitomina pilazona C. F. Laseron, 1954

Vexitomina pilazona

druh Vexitomina radulaeformis H.C. Weinkauff & W. Kobelt, 1876
druh Vexitomina regia L. A. Reeve, 1842

Vexitomina regia

druh Vexitomina sinensis X.T. Ma, 1989
druh Vexitomina suavis E. A. Smith, 1888

Vexitomina suavis

druh Vexitomina torquata C. F. Laseron, 1954

Vexitomina torquata

Odkazy a literatura

EN The Interim Register of Marine and Nonmarine Genera [1036359]

Rees, T. (compiler): The Interim Register of Marine and Nonmarine Genera [] [jako Vexitomina Powell, 1942]
Datum citace: 30. listopad 2019

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