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Iwaoa Kuroda, 1953

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Shell of moderate size, 24 - 25 mm., bucciniform, with a tall spire, almost twice the height of the aperture, and a truncated base, with a short slightly flexed unnotched anterior canal. Protoconch unknown. Adult whorls medially angulated, and sculptured with numerous regular slightly arcuate obtuse axial plicae, which gradually disappear towards the sutures, overridden by a few spiral cords which become nodulose at the points of intersection with the axials. Aperture ovate, with a heavy varix behind the outer lip. Sinus broad and very shallow, just a slight insinuation between the suture and the periphery. Colour pale fleshybrown. Operculum yellowish-corneous, leafshaped with a terminal nucleus. Radula, a pair of margina1s of simple "wish bone" type, not severed into two components. Range — Known only by the type species, which is from 150 fathoms off Tosa, Japan.
The genus is probably related to both Marshallena and Paradrillia but differs from both in having a varixed outer lip and a different operculum; Marshallena is of biconic-fusiform shape and has an operculum with an incoiled subterminal nucleus; Paradrillia is bucciniform but has a true Clavatulid operculum with a medio-lateral nucleus.


Powell, A.W.B. : The Molluscan Families Speightiidae and Turridae. 1966.

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druh Iwaoa invenusta Kantor, Fedosov & Puillandre, 2018

Iwaoa invenusta

druh Iwaoa reticulata T. Kuroda, 1953

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