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Carinapex Dall, 1924

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Shell minute, 3 - 5 mm., but very solid, claviform, with a moderately tall spire and a truncated anterior end. Protoconch dispropor-tionately large, broadly conical of about 4,5 whorls, first 1,5 whorls smooth with a small tip, followed by three whorls with a prominent low-set carina; regular concavely arcuate narrow axial ribs over the last 1,5 whorls. Adult sculpture of heavy flattish topped spiral folds, two on the spire-whorls, several more on the base, the whole broken up into large squarish nodes by axial grooves. Aperture narrowly ovate, terminating in a very short unnotched anterior canal. Outer lip thickened but not variced, with a rather deep subsutural U-shaped sinus, which is rendered subtubular by a massive upper parietal rough callus. Colour uniformly reddish-brown. Operculum leaf-shaped, with a terminal nucleus. Radula of simple marginals only, which are flexuous, rather broad over the lower portion but tapered above to a sharp point. A narrow ridge runs near to, and parallel with, the inner edge of the tooth, for about two thirds its length.
Source: Powell, 1966


Central and West Pacific. Hawaii, Fiji, New Caledonia, Philippines, Thailand.

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druh Carinapex albarnesi S.G. Wiedrick, 2015

Carinapex albarnesi

druh Carinapex alisonkayae S.G. Wiedrick, 2015

Carinapex alisonkayae

druh Carinapex amirowlandae S.G. Wiedrick, 2015

Carinapex amirowlandae

druh Carinapex cernohorskyi S.G. Wiedrick, 2015

Carinapex cernohorskyi

druh Carinapex chaneyi S.G. Wiedrick, 2015

Carinapex chaneyi

druh Carinapex johnwiedricki S.G. Wiedrick, 2015

Carinapex johnwiedricki

druh Carinapex lindseygrovesi S.G. Wiedrick, 2015

Carinapex lindseygrovesi

druh Carinapex minutissima A. Garrett, 1873

Carinapex minutissima

druh Carinapex mooreorum S.G. Wiedrick, 2015

Carinapex mooreorum

druh Carinapex papillosa A. Garrett, 1873

Carinapex papillosa

druh Carinapex philippinensis S.G. Wiedrick, 2015

Carinapex philippinensis

druh Carinapex solomonensis S.G. Wiedrick, 2015

Carinapex solomonensis

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