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Chicoreus brevifrons (Lamarck, 1822)

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Vědecká synonyma

Chicoreus incertum Usticke, 1969
Chicoreus pudoricolor L. A. Reeve, 1845


Chicoreus brevifrons - ostranka západoindická

Autor: Jan Delsing

Chicoreus brevifrons - ostranka západoindická

Autor: Jan Delsing

Chicoreus brevifrons - ostranka západoindická

Autor: Bayer, F.M.

Chicoreus brevifrons - ostranka západoindická

Autor: Kaicher

Chicoreus brevifrons - ostranka západoindická

Autor: Radwin & D'Attilio

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The shell is large (maximum length 140 mm) and broadly fusiform. The spire is high and con-sists of two convex nuclear whorls and eight barely shouldered, postnuclear whorls. The suture is unimpressed, but the region immediately below the suture is depressed. The body whorl is large and broadly fusoid. The aperture is large and ovate, with a deep, inverted-U-shaped anal notch, delimited parietally by a small, heavy callus. The outer apertural lip is barely, if at all, erect, and strongly dentate, the bifid teeth representing the spaces between varical spines. The columellar lip is thin and entirely adherent. The siphonal canal is moderately long, broad, narrowly open to the right, and distally recurved. The body whorl bears the three varices typical of Chicoreus. Other axial sculpture consists of one or two prominent, elongate tubercles in each intervarical space. Spiral sculpture consists of finely imbricate major and minor cords and threads. Where the cords intersect the varices, long, stout, distally foliated spines are developed. The shoulder region is devoid of spines. The heavy, straight, shoulder-margin spine is much the longest. Immediately below this is a small, ventrally bent spine, followed by a second long, straight spine. Below this there is a smaller, dorsally bent spine, followed by two ventrally bent spines of equal length. In the region of the junction of the body and the canal there is a gap in the spination, the gap bearing only two or three tiny, ventrally bent spinelets. Three long spines developed on the canal diminish slightly in length toward the anterior.
Shell color is light to dark brown, with tan to white on the major and minor spiral cords. The proportion of light to dark coloration determines whether the shell appears dark brown with light spiral bands or vice-versa.
Radwin, G.E. & D'Attilio, A., 1976. Murex Shells of the World. An Illustrated Guide to the Muricidae.
Shell large, solid, the three varices frondose; sometimes there is a row of secondary, smaller fronds in front of the larger ones. There is a single strong intervarical rib, which sometimes becomes almost a hump; the spire and canal are somewhat elongated and of about equal length; the latter is frondose to its base; the revolving sculpture consists of low, somewhat separated ridges, and besides this the shell is everywhere covered with revolving, roughened or slightly nodulous threads. The color is whitish or brownish, with revolving darker often blackish narrow bands, which are sometimes very distinct.
Length 100; diameter, 60 mm.
Dall, W.H. & Simpson, C.T., 1901. The Mollusca of Porto Rico.


Southern Caribbean Sea.
Radwin, G.E. & D'Attilio, A., 1976. Murex Shells of the World. An Illustrated Guide to the Muricidae.

Odkazy a literatura

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